This is a photo gallery of jobs Sonon Refrigeration has completed.

  • Indoor unit mounted
  • Bedroom Side Wall mounted
  • Above Cupboard Back to Back
  • Commercial Package Installation
  • Commercial Package unit
  • Commercial Installation
  • Wall mounted
  • Wall mounted
  • Repairing Unit
  • Repair to Cassette type Air conditioning removing the Indoor fan motor
  • Upstairs Bedroom Back to Back on wall – Bracket up high
  • Bedroom Units Back to Back on wall- bracket Drain pipes connected to the Down pipe
  • Bedrooms Unit Back to back on wall – Bracket up high, fitted with col-our bond pipe cover and drain connected to the down pipe
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  • Indoor Unit mounted above the door way
  • Out Door Unit Mounted Up High
  • Out Door Units Mounted On Wall – Bracket Up High
  • Out Door Unit Mounted Up High On Wall Bracket
  • In Door Unit Mounted Above The Door Way